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0.8176 I laughed at this because it is absurd, and funnier for being true.
0.7096 This would mean accepting ones own views as wrong, and accepting as correct the views of whomever is successful at advocating their views as the consensus.
0.6652 They will hunt, but weren't socialized enough as kittens to be comfortable around people.
0.6597 Norton I was definitely interesting.
0.6573 There wasn't as much of a pre-war industrial base to rebuild, so they played to their economic strengths, tourism, agriculture, etc.
0.6124 In those wars, the British took as their reward for winning/helping the winner overseas colonies that were both expensive to sustain and difficult to protect.
0.5904 Constitution that that decision was to be made by each state, and to be RESPECTED by the others.
0.5875 I didn't mean slavery.
0.5859 Because the high cost of living makes people believe that it's a good thing and worth doing.
0.5423 The lack of respect for their decision to remain slave states did at least as much to bolster the Confederate ranks as the desire to remain a slave state.
0.5267 It spiked the demand for labor and non-slaves, as expected, took the good jobs created in that economy and slaves were left to do the difficult/dirty work.

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-0.9493 Destroying or damaging federal property with fire violates a 1996 anti-terrorism law and carries a 5 year minimum if the feds bother to prosecute.
-0.9022 World War I was called the Great War because of the non-stop intensity of the fighting, and when it became World War I, it was because the name stuck.
-0.8979 Nobody here is an apologist, you're just ignoring that there were other factors in play besides slavery and that slavery had already existed in the U.S.
-0.8973 They did not destroy Japans capacity to wage war nor a substantial portion of Japans contemporary military, but they broke a political logjam in the war cabinet that precluded advocacy of surrender.
-0.8658 Everything about the war was tied to slavery.
-0.8402 Damaging any federal property with fire violates a 1996 anti-terrorism law and carries a minimum of 5 years.
-0.8176 Had slavery been abolished voluntarily in 1850, all of those other reasons become absurdist nonsense.
-0.8116 They were not fighting for or against slavery, but slavery was the reason they were fighting.
-0.7845 And his personal physician was in prison being tortured for recommending that Stalin get more rest.
-0.7783 Every attempt to finish off an enemy through purely aerial measures had been a failure until the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan.
-0.765 If you want a "full stop" reason for the Civil War, it was because South Carolina fired at soldiers of the United States Army...
-0.7036 We had agreed prior to the war to commit to fighting/winning the war in Europe first, because most of our allies were more committed to stopping German expansionism than to stopping the Japanese.