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0.9089 Loved it and the triology also has a really fun subreddit I appreciated greatly to help me digest the more bizarre aspects of the books.
0.9062 I know I have a lot more to learn and work on but my only advice as of right now is to go easy on yourself and go talk to someone It is OK to go ask for help.
0.9001 Wonderful, youthful, trusting and innocent. Then he is imprisoned away from everything he's ever known and loved for 21 years. THEN when he returns is he a calculated and vengeful person.
0.899 Sorry but the title is pretty spoiler-ish, as much as I love a homage to muh Lady.
0.8934 He has to learn to accept himself as both the vengeful, wealthy Count and as the sincere, loving Edward.
0.8805 I absolutely loved The Count of Monte Cristo and would encourage anyone interested in it to read the unabridged version.
0.8671 It's not really a *pizza place* place but I think they have one of the best pizzas up north as well!
0.8584 Ok buddy well there are rules to posting in a sub about a show so yeah, I wouldn't want to spoil the significance of her character arc in the show to others who are trying to appreciate the art.
0.8316 Man I love that album, such an amazing thing for him to leave for all of us.
0.8271 But I don't think she deserves enough praise for what a great layup/setup she delivers. Also - I can NOT get enough of those LQQKs and those hips she is always serving.
0.8176 I do love it, and I only made a new one because we just had a brand new episode last night and I thought it would be fun to talk about some more immediately before the finale.

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-0.8957 C was done with her and she experienced one last moment of awful anguish and wanted to die.
-0.8876 I just rewatched the scene and saw him mutter something but didn't catch it. If so - holy shit that is so sad and makes this scene even more emotional.
-0.8239 She seemed so hurt and troubled by seeing it.
-0.7907 If it's not about honoring her life because she's dead then what is it about?
-0.7177 lol WHAT THE HELL!? Seriously though you're WAY too mad, Kid, and literally making shit up.
-0.6872 Those two really have been killing it this season.
-0.6705 I don't necessarily think she wanted to or was compelled to kill any of the agents.
-0.5848 Fuck you, u/UltraMegaMegaMan !
-0.5563 I've emoc to the realization that I am incredibly depressed.
-0.5106 I felt awful, like we all knew it was triggering the re-living of her trauma.
-0.4939 Glutton for punishment.
-0.4657 That last scene with Diane was so tense, it really felt like we might lose one of our FBI agents.