/u/r0yaal is kind of a dick.

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0.9211 Thats at least what I do all day. edit: Oh and remember to buy those private hacks, which may cost a little more, but trust me, they are worth it. Happy Hackerino!
0.875 Nice link there, I like joker best tho
0.8478 wow, great read!
0.8402 Wow, one of the best I've seen so far.
0.8271 Wow I have been watching her all day now, she is just beautiful.
0.7003 alenware is good pric and good kvality for hax.
0.6893 Really great review!
0.6369 Best invention ever.
0.6369 The best tip is download hacks and hack as much as you can.
0.6124 Thank you for the answer but quick question how do I make it smooth like in the video?
0.5859 1 word: Amazing.

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-0.9336 Shut the fuck up you fucking nigger, my name is jeff is funny, fuck you get cancer
-0.9118 Why are Riot ruining their game with all these stupid nerfs, fixes and shit.
-0.8519 die of cancer
-0.8316 Fuck you nigger
-0.8271 Everything on r/nosleep is fake as hell
-0.8176 Fuck you, I'm black, are you racist?
-0.796 Please stop posting bullshit, it really kills me, there is a special sub-reddit for bullshit like this r/cringe
-0.7906 Cry fuckers
-0.7845 Just commit suicide you shit
-0.7783 Hahahaha holy fuck you were ugly
-0.742 This is why I don't play this shit game..
-0.7269 you are all homo cock suckers with no life