/u/qytrew is kind of a dick.

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0.8591 Unless most economists think *zero* taxes on capital gains is best, then whether they favor higher or lower taxes on capital gains depends on the status quo ante.
0.7717 Wow, that's easy.
0.7641 You explicitly said you weren't. And it's no surprise that by visiting services near a college in the West you'd see religions putting their friendliest face forward.
0.7579 Or why not the religion I just made up, that cuts out the ridiculous "Love God with all your heart, soul, and mind" business, leaving only the one about loving your neighbor?
0.7506 You were trying to boil down the teachings of most religions to something positive about being nice to others.
0.743 What about all the laughing and applauding cops in the video of Trump speaking?: https://t.co/iLzoUEY89e
0.7184 If Trump asked me for respect, I'd say "Why should I?" Surely none of that infringes on Trump's "personal sovereignty".
0.6953 Maybe they're not the kind of Christians you most admire, but they're definitely Christians.
0.652 I ain't scared of shit.
0.6369 Yeah, it's underaged *girls* that Trump has a documented history of indicating his sexual interest in.
0.6249 I'm sure even Stephen Miller has said true things before.

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-0.9531 Enemy soldiers, criminals about to kill you, convicted murderers?
-0.9349 The fact that forces beyond your control made you into a horrible piece of shit doesn't change the fact that you're a horrible piece of shit.
-0.9344 If I refuse to acquiesce in this, then that's a case of murder? I mean, is it also murder if I refuse to donate my extra organs to dying people?
-0.9183 All the questions I asked are still completely unsettled (What kind of killing counts as murder?
-0.8885 Nor did you address the absence of rules against rape and slavery. And as for this:
-0.8625 You're saying criminal cops should get away with it, no problem, because the victims deserved it?
-0.8588 If the alternative approach is a deeply unjust Soviet-style crackdown on people's religions, then I guess we'll have to live with trying to counter religion with mere criticism and ridicule.
-0.8462 No, but you're badly misinformed about the sort of people on this site.
-0.8402 Murder is unjust.
-0.8166 So this argument from the definition of 'homicide' doesn't tell us anything about whether abortion is murder.
-0.8074 The terminally ill begging to be killed?
-0.8074 When cops use unlawful force, then *they* are a violent criminal gang.