/u/quickpeeks is very positive!

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46Overall Score
48Positive Score
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Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.929 Super super SUPER hot!
0.9262 This is super, SUPER sexy!!
0.9151 Super sexy pics--i love the stockings!
0.8622 Great shots -- love these!
0.8622 Great pics -- I love these!
0.8442 I love legs, and those are beautiful.
0.8356 I'd love to frost those beauties!
0.8221 Super sexy view!
0.8221 Super sexy!
0.8122 Yes yes yes!
0.7959 Sexy, sexy suit!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.4574 Damn, what a body!
-0.1007 Sexy as fuck!
0.0 Give it to her!!
0.0 Looks delicious...
0.0 So fucking hot!
0.0 Back that up!
0.0 I'd slide right in.
0.0 On my knees.
0.0 If I licked you out there in the cold, would my tongue stick?
0.0 This is incredibly hot!
0.0 Luv that butt!
0.0 Lick lick lick!!