/u/quetzalcoatluss is very positive!

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0.875 Man it's pretty cool that everyone was pretty cool
0.8723 This looks so awesome, and I wouldn't have heard about it had you not posted this, thanks!
0.8615 Fucking great lmao
0.8442 Pretty funny though haha
0.8402 Everything else is super dope though, great job.
0.8364 I've never played Super Paper Mario but I've beaten Paper Mario and it was super fun, if that helps
0.8204 I'm really enjoying these positive memes
0.8176 Cute comic :) I like how the characters look
0.8118 Most of the posts here are just like floating chunks of neat looking stuff, very cool that you made an entire scene!
0.8107 The lighting really makes it great :)
0.802 I played it on PC, it's fun and feels a lot like the classic Zelda games.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6705 Of shit they just stopped.
-0.666 Lots of teammates get mad at me because I'm "deaf" and and I can't help it.
-0.6124 What a douchebag
-0.5836 Speeding up and turning feels so sluggish now!
-0.5106 Animation's miles ahead now it's sick
-0.5046 I've been using Cam shake for a year now, when I turn it off it feels so bland and boring.
-0.4754 This is a huge problem for me, and due to the high volume of gunshots and hearing problems I need to play with my sound kind of low.
-0.4404 Participating in any March Madness?
-0.4215 It's freaking me out.
-0.4019 That dude is insane
-0.3818 Some advice, make the vocals less tinny and louder, it sounds like Captain Dickhead was recorded from a phone through a microphone.
-0.359 You know I never thought of it but it's kind of weird how it's called the black cauldron in the movie.