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0.9423 Thank them, and express gratitude for the opportunity. I say , "I am grateful for the opportunity, thank you ...." at least once a day.
0.9263 Smile, and enthusiastically, almost in a laugh, state why would be a great customer service representative.
0.8313 Congrats on a great first date !
0.8074 Oh I don't know about that, They were pretty efficient in the final solution.
0.7506 Lol, I would be willing to wait an extra month of two, for the "maintenance" if it meant an extra 50,000 customers could take advantage of the credit.
0.743 It happens all the time here, and I thank god I live in a state where my rights to life, liberty and property are taken seriously.
0.7269 Listen, truly listen to what they say, and respond directly to their questions in a friendly, short and concise manner.
0.7003 But, I'm still buying Tesla, its just a better car with better technology.
0.7003 I think a strong PR focus on technology, reliability, and efficiency could overcome this public perception.
0.6705 I hope it will be available before the 7,500 tax credit tiers down to 3,750
0.6597 I hope they break down the options on the M3 like they did on the MS.

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-0.9118 Same reason they don't talk about the fact that he was an ADMITTED RACIST, committing a mass murder for ADMITTED RACIST REASONS.
-0.8625 When the demand for racism exceeds the supply, that is when you start to see "racist graffiti."
-0.8519 He is wrong, and has a made a fatal error for his company.
-0.836 I hate this scumbag.
-0.8143 No of her political stature has gone to prison in the history of the USA NO ONE.
-0.802 No surprise, leftest and democrats have always been racist fucks, that judge people by the color of their skin , and not the content of their character. Whats new?
-0.765 "UK have been fucked by brexit" You have no idea what you are talking about.
-0.7317 Socialist regulate things to death, they just can't help themselves.
-0.6739 WTF adjusting cruise control speed on a GUI that does not work half the time.
-0.6597 Murdered by communist.
-0.6597 I hate the anti science global warming cult.
-0.6369 Still pissed about that.