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0.9523 I would love to relax in my windpouch during a sunset set, loungin' out and listening to good music while the sun goes down surrounded by beautiful people and good vibes!
0.926 Well my favorite song of his is "Age of Adz" but "For the Widows in Paradise, for the Fatherless in Ypsilanti" and "To Be Alone with You" are also great.
0.892 I doubt these are realistic but a girl can dream! M83 Washed Out Sufjan Stevens Active Child Purity Ring And the dream of all dreams, a Fleet Foxes reunion.
0.8908 Welcome to the best friends club!
0.8885 Luckily he's an Infj too so he sees me crying and knows why and usually starts crying too and then it's a whole thing haha you're right, love can be overwhelming but in such a good way :)
0.872 So I already have a ticket but I'm hoping to win these for my sister and my roommate from college.
0.8718 That actually sounds like a great idea haha I might do that!
0.8716 Definitely the best moment of the weekend for me and the fact that it happened night one just made me that much more excited for the rest of the weekend!
0.8687 You've traveled to some cool places :) and I do love dogs!
0.8519 I can see why people wouldn't be able to get into it but I enjoy it :)
0.8402 My best friend and I are already going but my sister and other friend can't afford to go this year.

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-0.8426 I was supposed to be at ef 2014 but wasn't able to make it and I'm so upset I missed tycho!
-0.6597 Drug testing is the worst, I'm sorry.
-0.5994 Yessss I'd die
-0.5859 Sorry, my bad.
-0.5574 Y'all need to check that shit out for me
-0.5255 I want them to be at ef too but I doubt that'll happen so I'm gonna try to go to their show in michigan!
-0.5255 I'll be sad with you!
-0.4926 I just can't afford to go to both :( next year is my year though!
-0.4767 He's in my top 5 must see before I die.
-0.357 But it won't stick if you aren't dedicated to it yourself.
-0.3402 Haha not a dude but thanks!
-0.3182 I can picture "ocean" playing while the sun sets and me just standing there in awe, possibly crying.