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0.8997 aww, thank you :) that was a really good day for that hair curl, honestly!
0.8481 Happy cake day :3 and yeah, I did the same, returned to the series today picking up from around the same episode.
0.8356 Thank you, maybe i'll post that sometime <3 and that makeup is nothin', i can do much better :3 and everyone IS jealous!
0.8314 When it gets down to Dan watching Arin play a game for a series, then it looses that quality of two friends enjoying a good game, and it's just not as enjoyable.
0.83 oh thank you so much, that's sweet :)
0.8176 thank you :) it's my favorite hat.
0.8143 My best guess: JonTron 1/2/2014 No Arin Signatures Allowed ummmm JK lol Egoraptor PS Jon's gay
0.7906 The show is always better when they're both having fun playing a game together.
0.7804 The handwriting of the jk lol looks more consistent with Arin's writing to me, so that's why I grouped it with that :P
0.765 Thank you :) Eye shadow is from BH Cosmetics, mostly the Galaxy Chic palette, eyeliner is Kat Von D's ink liner, lips are KVD's liquid lipstick in blue, i think it's called Echo.
0.7411 I've played much of Sonic 06, the ten minutes of Sonic Boom I watched today looked SO much better.

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-0.4981 Ooohhh NO WAY!
-0.4767 I could be wrong though.
-0.4588 That's awful.
0.0 Maybe it's just a purely artistic change.
0.0 Though maybe that's just how she rebuilt it.
0.0 Just thinkin' out loud at this point.
0.0 Aperture Laboratories is HUUUGE, those spots could be miles away from each other.
0.0 I don't know how I've never noticed this before?
0.0 More info from MLive: http://www.mlive.com/news/ann-arbor/index.ssf/2016/02/bernie_sanders_to_speak_at_emu.html Says doors are at 12:30 and the speech starts at 2:30
0.0 I know, close enough for me!
0.0 November 1st 2012 was not three years ago from yesterday...
0.0 http://instagram.com/p/XQ0ooOHzGe/ This was Jon's birthday a few months before he left.