/u/probably_zach is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8805 I wish you two the best of luck!
0.8805 Good luck dude, hope you do well on them!
0.8625 I'm glad man, I hope you continue to be happy.
0.8553 Korean food is great my dude, hope you sleep well!
0.8522 I mean if you're in for a little excitement Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson.
0.8442 Good for you dude, hope you keep having fun.
0.8439 Make sure you put that happiness to good use!
0.8398 Either way thanks , and I hope you have a good day tomorrow!
0.8313 Hope you wake up feeling great!
0.8271 Hey man, I don't know what happened but I hope tomorrow goes better for you.
0.8271 I like it, if you get a chance once it's done pm me cause I'd love to try it out.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7713 bot-ama Oh boy I wonder what kind of shit lies ahead.
-0.7506 :( that's too bad.
-0.7184 Well shit dude I feel bad for you.
-0.6709 Plus I have some tests coming up that I haven't gotten a chance to study for so that's too bad.
-0.6249 That's too bad man, I hope things didn't go too bad for you.
-0.6124 Well shit dude that sucks.
-0.5423 Aww man that's too bad :(.
-0.5423 That's too bad man.
-0.5423 Aww that's too bad man :(.
-0.5423 That's to bad man.
-0.5267 Hell yeah I'm in band.
-0.4939 you mad man