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0.9476 Might not be a very good explanation but I'm sure Kadano has the info explained clearly on his thread on Smashboards if you'd like a better one lol.
0.938 wow thanks everyone so much for all the love I'm always blown away by your kindness!!
0.9161 lol i do underestimate my hype sometimes but yeah i guess there's only one way to truly know for sure =p
0.9123 I did see a Kadano post the other day saying there was an up-B angle that got around Falco's Marth Killer so I guess it wasn't a totally bad decision lol Also thanks man I'm glad I could help =)
0.9077 I'm certainly not advocating for no fun stuff I want people to still love the character!
0.9042 Please stay strong and thanks for reaching out <3
0.8934 However, with esports and spectator experience being the bedrock of our ability to care enough to camp in the first place, maybe it is worth implementing to ensure our game stays interesting.
0.8883 That's pretty cool info, thanks for sharing it with me!
0.8847 not guaranteed but i feel good about my chances of being able to go =)
0.8788 LMAO that last one Anyway this is actually pretty cool and not what I expected.
0.8591 either way your first point is good and it definitely makes discussions like this and wobbling harder to call easily.

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-0.8896 At lower percents under a platform I'm not sure if she can even DJC dash grab before you're able to act after tech roll but either way it's far less scary than her FD punish.
-0.8304 Beating Falco's punishes requires good SDI, up on uthrow or Bthrow and out on most attacks especially at low percent.
-0.8201 Sometimes you can still get Uair after but I don't remember if that's at kill percents or not.
-0.7783 Marth's side B loses to Dair reliably and Nair if you're close at all so if you ever just yolo attack, especially when Marth is cornered you have solid odds of beating any of his quick options.
-0.7764 Laser Dtilt can be shield grabbed, even when spaced decently iirc so I hesitate recommending it against Puff but it does kill well so use it when you can I guess.
-0.7578 i just wouldnt be happy with doing a bad job, that's all.
-0.6977 However I think his combos often involve lots of platform tech chase nonsense that is not easily played against, in addition to some SDI during CGs.
-0.6972 I was really starting to figure this out well around Apex 2015 so I'm mad I lost progress with that since he needs this badly.
-0.6901 People play more scared, especially of your primary opening moves, which changes how you can attack and play off of that fear.
-0.6872 Until we see the offensive players really attempt to combat camping we shouldn't try any ruleset changes yet from a player perspective.
-0.6785 i miss all of you really badly too!!
-0.6705 in my view the argument is something like punishes are hard anyway at top level vs wobbling has no depth and doesn't work like other punishes in the game.