/u/postholes4ever is kind of a dick.

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0.8239 "I'm a gun owner but, ..." is a lot like "I'm not racist but, ..." Edit: The NRA's lobbying budget is tiny by comparison to the top spenders as listed by opensecrets.org
0.765 Are you suggesting that like minded folk should not be allowed to form a group to support their shared context?
0.7339 It certainly wasn't cutting edge science but I did enjoy reading it.
0.6486 You seem like a "true believer".
0.6369 Calling it "talking in circles" is disingenuous, at best.
0.6113 All of those sources you're so proud of have something in common.
0.5719 and just see what the NRA does. I expect the NRA would be happy to see such an event.
0.5719 I have never seen any documented evidence supporting the idea that this is a significant factor.
0.5267 No, we definitely do not have all those things. That's funny.
0.5106 I can tell you **this** NRA member would be cheering them on.
0.5106 What you're suggesting is akin to saying that free speech doesn't apply to electronic communication.

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-0.946 Nobody is suggesting that we shouldn't have laws against things like: assault, rape, murder, etc. You seem to be trying to draw an equivalence between such laws and making firearms illegal.
-0.9093 There are far more law abiding gun owners than there are violent, criminal, offenders.
-0.8885 The vast bulk of defensive gun uses result in: no deaths, no injuries, and no shots fired.
-0.8625 bitch online?" * "Your complaining ..." Its almost as if you're trying to use rhetorical manipulation to dehumanize me.
-0.8268 Most criminals get their guns by a) stealing them or b) straw purchases.
-0.8176 Are you suggesting that if a criminal is only attacking with a club or knife that the victim should only defend with a club or knife?
-0.8126 Select-fire & full-auto firearms account for a vanishingly small fraction of violent crime.
-0.8074 I carry because a violent criminal encounter could happen virtually anywhere .
-0.7967 In the context of the second amendment, murder using a firearm is not a protected activity
-0.7964 The difference is between illegal acts by individuals that directly harm others and ownership of an inanimate object.
-0.7941 Does CTP cover intentional criminal acts ... * if you run your car down the sidewalk, hitting pedestrians? * if someone else steals your car and your car down the sidewalk, hitting pedestrians?
-0.7906 You didn't state your position, thus I inferred ... You have said: * "No, i don't think owning guns should be a right." * "If banning guns was useless, then banning drunk driving would be useless.