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0.9324 great progress. i really like the mix of textures in your subjects and you represented the variances pretty well.
0.9245 you picked a great color to play with for this exercise, it looks like it really easily helped you to produce a range of values.
0.923 Also, though I enjoy both painting and drawing equally, I generally feel more comfortable while drawing in ink, like I understand it better, so that probably skews my perspective as well.
0.9226 the colors you used were great choices. i find myself wanting a bit more variation in value, to help draw even more attention to the lovely mushroom details.
0.9169 :D your attempt #2 has a great mood and most of the value scale is well represented.
0.908 this is a solid painting, your shadows and reflections are successful, and the work you put in to making your brushstrokes more clear and deliberate is obvious, you did a great job with that.
0.8878 this is so beautiful, i love the flowing of the pieces of metal.
0.8708 the colors are so vibrant and those oranges and blues compliment each other very well.
0.8707 all this said to great effect, i find it very engaging and beautiful in that haunting type of way.
0.8689 Thanks for sharing these techniques, they were great to watch.
0.8689 i like the soft colors you dropped in for the face, and your washes are pretty even and show great control which is commendable.

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-0.5815 That's probably why you haven't seen most of it. Why I wasn't so happy with these paintings probably has a lot to do with my general mindset at the moment.
-0.4767 if you're dead set on scanning, i'd suggest implementing thicker linework and cleaning your scanner glass, and you may have to be ok with slightly less accurate colors.
-0.4389 oops, sorry for the delay!
-0.4215 however i think you could have spent more thought on the composition - the books being cut off on the one side feels a bit weird.
-0.4031 it's not a good idea to dump a bunch of random sand onto a beach, please don't do that.
-0.3818 you could always just buy a single sheet to try it out before committing to a full book or block.
-0.3612 if hearing it from someone else helps, i don't think your work deserves how critical you are of it - and try not to let those worries hold you back from experimenting further.
-0.3612 too scratchy and shiny for my tastes, and messy in an unsatisfying way.
-0.296 If you can believe it I pushed this three or four layers past when I wanted to stop.
-0.296 the anatomy being skewed is a tiny bit distracting though.
-0.2732 i got severe tendonitis due to repetitive strain when i had a high volume art related job. you're smart to do exactly what your doctor tells you to do.
-0.2263 without seeing an actual picture of your painting to compare, i'm guessing it is a mixture of the way you're painting, and your scanner being fairly limited.