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0.9243 Note, we'll do our best to keep the game free and online regardless of the crowdfunding campaign results because we play it very often =)
0.9231 Yes, it would be great to create a community of people that wish to help others.
0.9201 It's useful if you want to step out of your comfort zone with your best friend
0.8932 The game is free and we hope you love it!
0.891 www.freemind.today - free 2 player game for best friends
0.8807 It's not a video game but it might be useful for you. The idea of the game is to create private comfort zone challenges in real life.
0.872 I wish you best of luck.
0.8658 If you understand the idea, you will support it, regardless the campaign success because the game is already free and it's working.
0.8519 My brother and I are software engineers and recently we've created 2 player game for best friends.
0.8481 That's why the game is free, and we are happy to share it.
0.8122 After a while, we decided to create a special web application for it and soon our efforts resulted in a totally free two-player game . How it works?

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-0.504 Changes: * "Why?" has been changed to "What?" * also, we noticed that users worry about privacy a lot.
-0.4753 We can overcome our fears today!
-0.4215 Should I make the plain pointer? The idea was to stress that "How it works" is a question .
-0.4019 Do you have those problems with your mother tongue?
-0.3818 There are few methods I can think of: * Ask a question, "Is it a real/true situation?" when you start losing yourself * Be aware that you're aware.
-0.3089 If it doesn't help, you can try to imagine that your current conversation is the last one in your life.
-0.296 But if it looks strangely, then probably the idea haven't worked out.
-0.296 No, there isn't.
-0.2411 Usually a proposition is a big phrase, therefore I'm not sure if it fits into the existing design.
-0.2263 As if a mechanism is activated that blocks your mind and body, for example, during a public speech.
-0.2263 Since we don't use their emails, except during password resetting, we stopped requiring emails and added extra text to q&a page:
-0.1779 My brother and I wanted to face and overcome this strange feeling of helplessness in a funny way.