/u/pleurplus is kind of a dick.

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0.8304 How does that work without wars? If american rulers didnt want wars america wouldnt be a war machine that it is, with military basis in almost every region of the planet.
0.8225 Yay freedom
0.7269 Lol Im below 1,7 and nobody makes fun of my height.
0.7269 Just set a sane default one and use bangs to call the ones you like, like duckduckgo has, you can create them in your browser
0.6697 "I really wanted to ask her out" can be you just emphasizing that you really liked her and were excited to finally ask her out.
0.6369 Google is not different than any company that gets their size. All companies exist to generate profit, the bigger they get the more power they have to increase it.
0.6126 It's a huge part of the economy and Jagex doesn't do shit, for years. They just don't want non-americans doing it.
0.5766 uMatrix FTW
0.5574 They will just increase the movement against JS. I block it in almost every site, first or third party, my CS professor said I'm like people that don't use antibiotics...
0.5106 :3 you never said communist
0.4951 That's a legitimate issue that could be solved and make a lot of people to either not use OpenBSD, when they totally could, or have a less secure environment because of "lazyness".

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-0.886 No its not. Controlling people with violence is the monopoly of violence.
-0.8689 If that shit starts to happen even him will be blocking that shit.
-0.8519 When shit gets bad enough we ask them, can your police stop us, literally every other citizen in this country?
-0.8431 So the argument is, hold them accountable by fucking shit up with their mistake?
-0.7269 The error is in Slack's threat model.
-0.7184 She did everything correct, a dumb asshole decided to limit the rules because he got pissy, it's that person's fault.
-0.7184 User-Agents are bullshit and web-browsers should stop updating them, and start moving to a unique one.
-0.7075 So don't oversimplify, generalizing to things that don't make sense. Say what you meant. You believe that racists should be able to attack verbally some people that dared to exist.
-0.6994 Are the other cops in the department arresting those cops? No they arent, because they protect their mafia. They are not good cops.
-0.6664 It's not hard to support only the latest versions of firefox and chrome, and even then we fail at it.
-0.6597 Just because you feel it's fucked up it doesn't mean it is.
-0.631 I mean, you can, but you will probably be arrested