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0.9092 I really liked that :) Especially the part "Partly because of the anticipation of making a statement, departing from complacement" Thanks for sharing
0.9022 I would add some instrumentals like A Warm Place, Leaving Hope, Adrift & At Peace, 28 Ghosts IV, The Frail, Another Version of the Truth, etc.
0.8847 That would have made me cry if I was able to but anyway wow that was amazing
0.875 It's nice to see some frasier love :)
0.8671 Thanks so much for the feedback, very much appreciated :)
0.836 you're adorable :) In regards to passing, longer hair would help a lot
0.8176 that's actually pretty cool haha
0.807 awesome, thanks!
0.8059 something about this made me really happy :)
0.7935 yeah, not bad at all :)
0.7906 You're gorgeous :)

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-0.8832 I'm totally cool with not casting a trans actor, but that explanation is worrisome and totally misses what being trans is...um what the fuck
-0.8316 There's no way to tell if you're lying, so most people just make up a number that is bigger than their friend's number, and it's a circle of bullshit.
-0.6823 It can get really frustrating because I don't want to think about the topic and I don't have the control to make it stop popping up in my head.
-0.6748 This is bullshit and I'm so sorry it's happening to you
-0.6124 I agree...the lyrics are brutally relatable
-0.5574 I know someone who died because people were too afraid to call because they would get in trouble...please let this bill be a thing
-0.5423 this is the only link in a while that has actually made me say "what the fuck" out loud
-0.5106 no offense but he looks like a dick
-0.4585 "You're not perfect"
-0.4404 :( that title is a little too mean-spirited for me
-0.3616 The topic isn't upsetting or interesting, but, no matter what, my brain goes back to it.