/u/phoenixbasileus is slightly positive.

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0.8658 I like to play a fun game of "replace x with Jew and see how much it sounds like NSDAP agitprop"
0.8023 don't worry this is a safe place, you can keep yourself safe here
0.79 lmao i love how centrist has become a pejorative buzzword based around a strawman that's basically "wahhhh people don't just agree with me"
0.7531 excuse me only the first one is true, APOLOGISE
0.7506 Have fun with that champ
0.7506 I mean if you're at the stage of caring about subreddit politics, find a new hobby friend
0.7466 Well they could like not start a war That's also a solution to this problem.
0.7269 keep yourself safe friend
0.7184 Imagine being this completely assblasted about reddit lmfao do you like have any other hobbies or something?
0.7089 I'll even help you out, it's really easy.
0.7003 well it's important to be considerate of those with crippling mental disabilities such as being communist

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.891 hmm the rantings of a mentally ill troll or evil conspiracy over a subreddit... decisions to make
-0.8613 um tbh can you not your username is GROSS and RACIST
-0.7351 Except spamming reports will get you suspended
-0.6901 I genuinely feel for you though, it must be quite a sad life where not only do you lack in any empathy, you can't even comprehend that other people do have empathy and don't merely perform it
-0.6597 No, more that you're actually just a bit of a cunt
-0.6276 Nah he just doesn't want to get told to fuck off when he reveals his power levels
-0.5994 "I'm going to pretend to be reasonable while I be an opinionated ass"
-0.5849 I mean is it really a bad thing to keep the lolcows mooing?
-0.5719 try not making pants on head retarded analogies i guess
-0.5423 You expect people to actually understand something before sperging the fuck out because a Youtube celeb told them to?
-0.5423 that logic doesn't even begin to work, pls stop you're embarrassing yourself
-0.4939 k keep being a moron fam