/u/philsturgeon is kind of a dick.

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0.8583 I'm hoping to make a bully play ball somewhere else so my friends can get on with doing great work.
0.8176 The FIG are simply calling for a vote to replace him with somebody who can play with others nicely. Seems pretty reasonable.
0.8126 Right, if you're super against a CoC you're well into the fact that problems not being mediated properly sound great. That is literally your choice here.
0.7717 I'd be ok with the Golang one too, it seems pretty cool.
0.7579 Hahaha thanks for this.
0.7579 I'd be happy to send the money on to the charity of your choice.
0.7096 But when there is a chat like this, there will be a lot of them there, shouting about social justice warriors or in large numbers.
0.7096 Good night :)
0.7003 Are you confident that a majority vote would clear you of any wrongdoing?
0.7003 I did wander off and I'm only around to help my friends out.
0.6808 We nearly lost out on some amazing features due to that, and a CoC would have resolved the situation quietly and easily.

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-0.8934 What have you lost? If you decide to ignore that advice and continue, they might take punitive actions that _might_ involve a temp ban.
-0.8834 Are the people talking about the problem damaging the perpetrators career, or is the person doing things in the first place damaging their own career?
-0.8619 If a majority vote from the larger PHP group does not clear you, you probably were doing something that is considered bullying and harassing.
-0.8481 They publicly say their leaving the project is nothing to do with harassment, just to avoid more harassment.
-0.8442 But, as outlined in the thread linked here, a scary number of the FIG are sick and tired of dealing with him, meaning they're quitting in droves.
-0.8271 The mediation process would throw it out, or - as this is the worst case scenario - _maybe_ they'd issue a temp ban, _if_ the majority of these impartial people were convinced it was a problem.
-0.8225 A well known contributor left due to bully tactics employed by one of the leaders of PHP, consistently harassing and attacking them personally.
-0.8074 It would then go to a vote and the temp ban would be lifted and things would carry on as normal. Anything else is an imagined scenario based on paranoia and ignoring fact.
-0.8074 You are paranoid, delusional, wrong and scary tbh.
-0.8074 :) When I run into a bully who shits all over the work of contributors, I would much rather tell the bully to fuck off and help the beginners grow.
-0.783 One or two vote holders might swing by and think "These angry people accusing Phil of jacking off over this argument have a point.
-0.7717 When somebody we know sexually assaulted a few people at a conference, everyone then said anyone talking about it as damaging his career.