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0.9538 I am *so* happy Pike and Scanlan ended up together. The character growth of Scanlan arcing from lechery to loving respect was so beautifully done...
0.743 Thank you for an amazing journey
0.7418 Glad you worked it out! Flairs awarded! /u/Azurei_Anima + /u/RaviBaws
0.6486 There are several nice quality of life upgrades you can buy for credits.
0.6114 Happy trading!
0.5563 I was glued to your run - you were both very impressive in the speedrun and the commentary.
0.4754 Screenshots are particularly helpful.
0.4574 Flairs awarded! /u/Suxhe + /u/DatingMyHand
0.4574 Flairs awarded! /u/SN_PRIME + /u/RaviBaws
0.4574 Flairs awarded! /u/SimplyRitzy + /u/brixez
0.4574 Flairs awarded! /u/NatharnHUN + /u/SimplyRitzy

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-0.7906 Abusive PMs and threats are absolutely not allowed on this subreddit.
-0.7269 Unfortunately we've had at least one instance of a user self-trading with an alt account and building up sufficient karma to make a big scam before deleting both accounts.
-0.7184 That user has already been banned from the subreddit. Reminder to everyone: Banned users can contact you outside of the subreddit.
-0.5824 /u/DaSnail and /u/Rippner90 consider this your first and **final** warning on that issue. Finally thank you to /u/cnurmnick for actually calling a moderator to this fiasco.
-0.4588 Continue to flout the rules of /r/SmiteTrades and you will find yourself banned from the subreddit.
-0.4019 Hello, this is a courtesy note to let you know that as per rule [**Do Not Abuse Others**] on this subreddit, this comments have been removed.
-0.3182 That's odd, I've been using ACT for ages on DX9.
-0.2411 I'm not sure how to advise a fix on that.
-0.2023 Removing it from them was a strange choice thematically...
0.0 Moldovan but...[Dragostea Din Tei / Numa Numa Song] ?
0.0 The only way I get every hole sealed and flat is through ironing for a *very* long time.
0.0 Wait, Jeezee is Twente?!