/u/petercornswalled is a total dick!

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0.7603 But disrespecting the United States of America is AOK with the
0.7506 Reusing people you can trust, either because they're loyal or are being blackmailed, is one way to keep the lid on things.
0.7096 The special snowflakes complaining about this project need to have their kids taken away and given to competent people who will raise kids with backbone and values.
0.6739 The scat freaks must LOVE her.
0.6249 Im told in Australia its a gender neutral greeting, sort of like a slightly edgier version of Dude here in the USA.
0.6124 You laughed at the example jokes.
0.5574 **It was fake We agree about that.** I'm trying to help you get better at convincing people it was fake.
0.5267 I find it encouraging to see just how many people are waking up.
0.4939 They should be getting psychiatric care.
0.4939 Might as well hand them some garden shears and a rubber band to cut it off.

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-0.886 Its fake news to try and slander Christians as being as scary as Islamic terrorists.
-0.8702 The UK has gotten so secular I can believe theyre so ignorant of Gods word that they would mistake the Holy Bible for a ranting Islamic Terrorist.
-0.8591 Perverts dressing children in drag is sexual for the perverts.
-0.8316 Destroy their holy city and the religion will be dead in a generation.
-0.8225 The whore belongs in prison.
-0.7783 Are you retarded? I've stated several times I think this is a false flag attack.
-0.7783 She is stupid, very very stupid.
-0.7783 It's a shaky argument that he may be stupid enough to try.
-0.7184 Why your cloversexual apologist mind has trouble understanding that is disturbing.
-0.7147 Being retarded herself can't help.
-0.6908 Abortion is murder.
-0.6808 He finically raped that employee.