/u/perusingparts is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9001 He's a good man for wanting to share and you are awesome for sharing.
0.8555 Great body thank you for sharing
0.8126 Every one should be lucky enough to have have hot friends like you two
0.7964 You look amazing and talented.
0.7906 The view from the front is good and the view from the back is great.
0.7906 Great boobs better nips.
0.7906 Lol personally I think Kanye is at his best on south park
0.7906 That has to be the best way to start a Kanye conversation over a nice vag.
0.7845 Nice piercings and great everything else
0.7783 You look great, definitely listen to the suggestions they have given you
0.765 I agree those are great nipples.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5903 I doubt anyone would say anything close to not nice.
-0.4404 Clothes suck that's why when people get home they strip as soon as they shut the door.
-0.3566 If they are really sensitive no.
-0.3182 Maybe I'm just being greedy.
-0.2755 What about it don't you like?
-0.2263 Big tits come in small packages.
-0.1779 I do, nice ass
-0.0258 You should always feel sexy as fuck because you are.
0.0 Incredible body
0.0 Now can you make the bottoms disappear.?
0.0 I think you should keep posting
0.0 Yup, they should go