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0.967 It's funny in a comfortable way when the 1st skit is funny in a bombastic way, like laughing out loud vs the casual relax laughing situation.
0.9531 *FAITH* - it's not good but it gives me pleasure to see them fall in love and happy ending *Secret* - it's the payback, it serves them all, I mean all of them
0.9169 I don't think we gonna have a love story in this drama, just admiration type of love since 444 has barely any connection with haram.
0.8571 I watched this drama and it's a Chinese drama, iirc the gif is speed up and her acting as the bubbly girl is fine, like not worst or bad, it passable.
0.857 Drunken to love you is so fun with all the hijinks
0.8555 * Reply 1997 * 1% of something 2017 * The Greatest Love Story
0.8519 I like the 2nd skit but then it mostly because I know the songs and I like watching duet song festival which perhaps how they moulded the skit.
0.8481 I think special ep with yunho, siwon, minho would sounds good, hahaha
0.8479 The camera work really good at setting up the mood and feels grounded, the shots are well done and the one they want to put into attention like perspective and tone also done very well.
0.8476 It really well acted, well shot, tight production and content a lot of important things in the respective year and the gangs are fine.
0.8429 [RAIN _ The Best Present] it's a proposal, simple with lighting effect and aww that just so sweet

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9253 He wants the power but he lost that plan to his revenge after Mubi died.
-0.9253 He wants the power but he lost that plan to his revenge after Mubi died.
-0.8464 I have the same problem a long time ago but never really delved into the problem since I hardly use the web version so I am sorry that I can't help you.
-0.8093 Perhaps she doesn't love any of the guy as much as they love her and that's why it's a doomed romance.
-0.7351 Another Oh Hae Young? I find the relationship has a lot of things going wrong and I feel that they are incompatible, didn't change much and didn't realise that they were wrong.
-0.7351 was banned at the time because of mad cow disease.
-0.7096 * Ep 50 of Queen Seon Deok when the war ends and Mishil went to the palace, she asked bidam to come and then we saw bidam alone in the wood.
-0.6908 * Oh Ri On in kill me heal me
-0.628 Too much writing and scenes are given to baekhyun character in the early ep and he is not up for that much screen time nor the character so it resulted in this bad experience.
-0.6229 ooh Only learned bad things!!
-0.6124 Why not just give her poison that will kill her instantly and not wait until sunset so that she can be saved? Song In plan to have the antidote is to see Won lost both.
-0.5719 ah, the main story is about the grim reaper named black who comes into det han's body.