/u/peppers_taste_bad is kind of a dick.

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0.9041 People loved asking if I performed genital piercings, which I did, and they often went on to speculate as to how lucky I was to get paid to look a vaginas. Now I absolutely love me some women.
0.8271 Some of those friends will be true friends and will support the banned demographic and speak their mind.
0.8154 Not solely because she did not buy from them, but partly because her true friends and family would not buy from them.
0.8074 Alright so I only eat pineapple pizza but I also think Roseanne is the second best sitcom.
0.7783 In some areas of society that absolutely means legislated protection, but in others I think social activism is the better solution.
0.7506 I have a friend who is pretty hefty and one night fell asleep at the wheel.
0.7351 There are only so many crimes one can commit with a smile like that outside of a restroom stall...
0.6486 At 6'3 and 170 lbs I'm pretty thin. How do you find the energy to type?
0.6124 Except for penile actions if you want to do something that is traditionally the man's role we will be happy to let you take a shot.
0.5859 If I'm being honest my answers are yes and no.
0.5574 Happily divorced.

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-0.9111 Should a person be able to speak hate and potentially cause others to live in fear because they can never be sure that individual won't act on their hate?
-0.8152 Why didn't she leave when she would face bigotry and discrimination and just simple stupid hatred?
-0.7845 I'll concede that the line between inform and harass might get blurry at times, but threatening is very different.
-0.75 The problem is that you nor I can walk in and say "I punish thee!" and take away the shop keys.
-0.743 And that's how I ended up with 3rd degree burns on my arm and got to relive the agony of bad decisions each time the bangages were changed. Ahh those were the days...
-0.743 And then a lot of those animals end up unwanted and fucked.
-0.7304 Should they be able to do so fearing only fingers being shook at them?
-0.7003 Is anyone else bothered by the fact that his family is being harassed for his actions?
-0.6956 Usually, but there's occasional "fuck you dad" obit.
-0.6927 I and the rest of the employees would give them our offer to cover up their racist tattoos for the shop minimum, but until then they weren't welcome in our shop.
-0.6808 Once there is an actual serial baby murderer then, Mr.
-0.6808 Until then you're just making a difficult situation even worse for many people.