/u/peazuz is very positive!

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0.9098 :) Yeah it was great, hope you did too!
0.8926 Total Caught: 30,917 Total Hatched: 1,188 Total XP: 17,134,003 Number of 100% IVs: 8 1 in 3865 Pokemon is perfect / 1 in 2,141,750 XP
0.872 Thanks so much for these, my discord group loves them and we have a dedicated channel for your charts :)
0.8126 There is also a party hat one :) Ash hat is the first one you can get Pichu with. Edit: Santa - Pikachu & Raichu Party Hat - Pikachu & Raichu Ash Hat - Pichu & Pikachu & Raichu
0.807 Yeah I hope some of these bots are allowed to be posted since they are really useful.
0.8016 yeah and the only people who can see the real numbers are Niantic, they could easy just add it up to look like they hit the number!
0.7964 i only just got my first one this week :p thanks for sharing
0.7925 Yep im coming from the UK due to no safari event there :) all book so hope its still on!
0.7835 yay thanks!!
0.7783 Currently I'm looking for one to help organise raids so it would be great if we could openly discuss them here.
0.7717 I just quickly skimmed over the post and yeah that sounds exactly like what I was told :) They might of used a different word though

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-0.7263 Which is a shame because I could really do with a Bot for my local discord!
-0.6705 B) Stop it at 39 and nerf the cheated mons back down to 39.
-0.636 no problem!
-0.6114 I blame the lack of sleep!
-0.5411 that's mad!
-0.54 This is really frustrating!
-0.4574 Anyone traveling to Amsterdam for the event, there is a discord here and we are all meeting at the mall for 9am!
-0.4199 I farmed a machamp nest for the fighting, others came with going to nests or events!
-0.4019 A lot of places have setup their own chats on Discord etc now so you might be able to find something.
-0.3781 doesn't help I already booked my flights and hotel from the UK so I'm really panicking every time I see something posted :P
-0.357 it might never transfer across, a lot of them don't :)
-0.34 woah that's some crazy numbers, what's your total amount of mons caught?