/u/pantherchild is very positive!

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0.9555 I look depressed, but I'm really happy because I love this fit. [Five]: Jeans+sparkles+light top.
0.8703 Sometimes it doesn't work, but I like it anyway. A grey tank is a great idea--I think the beads would pop more too. Thanks!
0.8176 :) I hope you pick CHANT--they're legit my favorite band and I worked hard to get them here.
0.8006 It's rare to see a bunch of guys who are so active on social media and so worth following. Stay warm!
0.7269 ...that's one of my mom's favorite places to drink with her friends.
0.6588 Style goals are to wear clothes and look awesome. [One]: New skirt!
0.6212 [Two]: It was super gloomy and gross so I wore a fun hat!
0.6124 Shirt is a little too short, I think. [Three]: Military inspired top with suede pants.
0.5994 It looks beautiful.
0.5859 "Those shoes are amazing and look really uncomfortable."
0.5859 I tend towards drums and electronica more than anything else at the moment. Do I win latest bloomer?

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-0.6597 Currently, CHANT , Evil Mothers, Unter Null, and a lot of KMFDM.
-0.6369 I hated it so much.
-0.5469 I'm not 100% sure I love the length on it...I'll admit to tugging it down every time I stand up.
-0.4512 Most of my dresses aren't romantic and flowly so I try to pair it with weird other things.
-0.3612 Damn--I wanted to go last night but got stuck at work late.
-0.3182 The goal is to have it stiff enough to stab people like a unicorn.
-0.2411 Don't worry, we love everyone and every level of alt from 'I am actually a gothic fairy princess' to 'this one time I wore black pants' at /r/fringefashion .
0.0 If I skip to the next song or back to the start of the song I'm listening to, the volume goes back to normal.
0.0 33 right now.
0.0 I got into industrial around 25 when my husband introduced me to Skinny Puppy and Big Black.
0.0 From there, Neubauten and KMFDM and anything I could get my paws on.
0.0 Yeah....it's a busy night.