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0.9349 I love Scoot, he's super adorable <3
0.93 There's always one or two that are perfectly happy with a good cuddle though :)
0.9167 As they get used to the kennels I've found that they're very friendly and full of energy :) My favourite dog has to be a gorgeous red and tan collie who comes in from time to time!
0.9161 He's super fun to play and a useful support :) I'm not that good at Overwatch yet but whenever I play him I seem to die a lot less often which is nice haha
0.8781 That's super amazing omg, can't imagine how frustrating it must've been to get right
0.8779 they're always super fun to watch <3
0.8728 Cat expert here ROFL, he definitely looks like a Snowshoe to me!
0.8622 Though some larger dogs like goldens are bred for their personalities I can definitely say that when a small dog is socialised well enough they can be equally as sweet!
0.8439 Very sweet dogs- I do think working with them has made me realise how misrepresented they are in the media. And it's pretty hard to pick a least favourite, honestly.
0.8409 oh gee i think i literally just played a match with you LOL, i totally agree though!
0.8402 I don't really use this site that much at all and I wanted to show how much I appreciated the help haha

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-0.8225 I had no idea that was a bad thing :( Do you think if I tried verifying everything that it might fix it? Here's the [inside of the resources folder] anyway.
-0.8118 i'd probably just give it a miss in that case either way though since lag can really ruin immersion for some people aha, unless you don't mind that!
-0.7184 Goldens are generally lovely but when they're not leash trained they're absolute hell to walk.
-0.6188 I think it might be because my Program Files folders are a little funky but I'm not too sure ha.
-0.5994 A command window just popped up before going away with no error messages so I guess that's probably it?
-0.4644 I'm not very well versed on pet foods outside of the UK though I've heard some pretty awful things about Blue Buffalo and would avoid it personally.
-0.4122 I'd take him home if I could lol As for least favourite, we actually have a dog in right now who I'm not super fond of.
-0.4019 holy shit, definitely Life is Strange.
-0.3612 We generally try not to though I can't say that we've had anything overly ridiculous so far.
-0.3302 I don't like saying that I dislike a dog but *man*.
-0.296 There doesn't seem to be anything missing from it as far as I know, though.
-0.2936 I can't say that I've worked with a mix like that before but the terriers we do get in can either be extremely timid or very feisty little things.