/u/pLASMAWOLFZ is kind of a dick.

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0.872 Leave him off of the true best friends reddit.
0.8555 I care if he is truthful, if you don't then you are the one that does not care.
0.7964 I wish i had the cunning you do to click on a profile and act like i'm a better person than someone else.
0.7845 Keep reposting over and over again, people definitely think you are cool and funny.
0.783 Yep if Riot does not punish Meteos then I guess this is perfectly acceptable behavior right?
0.7783 in 165 days the next League World Championship will start and determine the next world champion.
0.765 If vayne is rated as strong and is consistently that strong she is rated accordingly.
0.7579 Hahaha man that is such a good one.
0.7579 If the Meteos fanboy mod /u/ReganDryke removes them like he did the original then yes, we might.
0.7574 Montage of the best silver 4 plays you have ever seen!
0.743 Say that to Jhin Cait Ez Not to mention how strong cait is let alone a good one will shut down a vayne in lane hard.

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-0.9509 Not hurt, they are dead forever, and their families now have to suffer over why some idiot had to get drunk and get behind the wheel.
-0.9313 If you kill someone on purpose drunk or not you get 1st or 2nd degree murder charges.
-0.9042 If you accidentally say run someone over and kill them drunk or not you will get reckless manslaughter or something very similar.
-0.9042 1- Your English grammar is terrible. 2- Christmas ended days ago. 3- You are on reddit reposting useless posts about how you are banned for being a toxic idiot.
-0.8807 If it was say an actual crime and you tried to tell the police "It's ok I didn't really mean to do it I was just drunk" then you would be punished for both the crime and the "dui" aspect of it.
-0.872 Or is Meteos crying again because he might actually get punished for his bullshit this time?
-0.8481 Yes if I had the option I would make DUI involved driving accidents that result in a death a murder charge.
-0.8442 adcs arnt bad stop using this stupid meme from literally last year now.
-0.8402 There's no way everyone thinks your a complete dumb ass.
-0.836 Keep beveling everything you hear spat out of a "pros" mouth on twitter as if it a word from god or some dumb shit. Pros constantly say things that are proven wrong time and time again.
-0.8316 I bet you have a fear that everyone around you thinks your stupid and only talks to you out of pity.
-0.8126 That Ethan Must Die box art is hype as fuck.