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0.8403 With an increased focus on mental health this increase might also come, as you say, from more people actively searching help.
0.7783 Even though you have clearly used Tableau online please include it in your comment for easier access.
0.7351 Even though your sources are in the image, please include them in your comment as well for easier accessibility.
0.7351 And please come back and share things you find interesting.
0.7184 The sweet, sweet sound of a can being opened.
0.6597 If I see a great landscape photo I want to know where it is, and perhaps even got there myself one day.
0.6187 This is perhaps good for images to hang on the wall, but other than the the value of this AI is small in itself.
0.5927 What would be the one thing that people don't think about, but could really make a data visalization better?
0.5267 Please include a comment stating data sources and which tool was used to create the visualization.
0.5267 Please edit in which tool was used to create the visualization.
0.5267 Please include which tool was used to create the visualization.

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-0.8588 There is however also several reportings that there is more stress on young folks now than there was before which may cause depression and other sorts of illness.
-0.636 No problem at all!
-0.5207 If the visualization comes directly from an app this does not apply as original content on /r/dataisbeautiful unfortunately. From our wiki:
-0.4767 How do you attack a new visualization project?
-0.4767 /u/jasschorno Your link seems to be broken.
-0.4767 Hi /u/duncangeere, Your link seems to be broken.
-0.4019 For age groups 40 and above they are all reporting having a decrease in mentall illness.
-0.296 No infographics or other unautomated diagrams.
-0.296 Posts regarding American Politics, and contentious topics in American media, are only permissible on Thursdays, [Eastern Time].
-0.296 No need to do that.
-0.25 If the visualization features spatial data, geographic position alone is not sufficient.
-0.2411 Post has been removed for not being the original source.