/u/oroscovince2 is kind of a dick.

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0.7579 lofi is pretty fun to make, even if it isn't complicated.
0.7425 You can pretty much take any keyboard preset and run it through the sp to get a really nice lofi sound.
0.7264 You sound like someone who's really fun to be around.
0.6486 lel hope bernie loses and trump wins.
0.6486 I was just stating the truth :)
0.624 Fucking brilliant.
0.6006 OMG JonJonH BIG FAN!!!
0.5994 Lmao my story is exactly the same.
0.5994 Who tf even are you lmao
0.5719 Gr8 comment
0.5719 It has been taken into consideration and Miami has now won the world cup.

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-0.7964 Get your 9gag bullshit out of here dick face
-0.7269 I hate myself :/
-0.7096 Bad peripherals :/
-0.7096 My gramps died in a small lake near soo harbor, and his ghost causes tidal pull.
-0.6908 Kill your self
-0.6876 FUCK BERNIE!!!!!!
-0.6876 sugoi cuZ LE FUNnY!!!! fuck bill cosby
-0.6841 TRUMP 2016 BITCHES
-0.5849 Ever since plastic taste, the tracks george is releasing under joji are fucking horrible.
-0.5849 That looks fucking horrible
-0.5574 he had complete permission, and sky_hawk105 is full of shit. source: im potsu
-0.5574 the point of the video is that Geoffrey is a dumbass