/u/orogenygirl is very positive!

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0.9062 Love the creative eye you had for this photo Pleeeeease post more Love it
0.9042 Thanks man I enjoy your gorgeous body as well
0.8744 I am so in love with your creativity and eye for deliciously seductive photography skills.
0.8588 I'm having a hard time on deciding whethet to giggle or lick my lips Love the creativity!
0.8553 Very exciting to see creative stuff on here :)
0.8481 I definitely feel honored to help out anytime, Mr Silver Fox Mmmm
0.8402 We'll get creative ;) Also, love your username.
0.7964 I think we could skip checking my reflexes, and move straight on to checking my flexibility Wow
0.7906 Gorgeously delicious
0.7845 I love it Also, yes, whiskey.
0.784 I just went through *your* post history and you're looking pretty damn hot as well Too many gorgeous men on here!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6458 It broke recently But I do get my new dildo and vibrating cock ring in today!!!
-0.5574 Holy shit that's hot.
-0.5423 My bad, was thinking you were commenting on my lake photo.
-0.4627 Hehe, yup, my fianc noticed and stopped my little photo shoot for some...
-0.3804 You fucking tease
-0.3802 What a tease!
-0.34 I've been ridiculously horny lately, so it was what i was thinking the entire trip.
-0.3182 You're such a tease arent you
-0.3182 Such a tease.
-0.3052 Hahahaha you're so weird
-0.296 Dont need no stinkin' bed.
-0.296 My specialty Id have you begging me for release or begging me to stop so you could last longer if I ever got my hands on you though.