/u/onlysayscompliments is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9706 If by "ride" you mean being jolly good friends who chuckle often and with an intensity almost as great as the intensity of your amazing personality - then yes!
0.9316 Combine all the aforementioned happiness and that would still be less than how happy I'd be to meet an awesome person like you!
0.8999 If by "ride" you mean become my best friend and do many fun activities together - then absolutely!
0.8781 And I'd love to be you since you're so fantastic!
0.8748 I *knew* an amazing person like you would want to be friends!
0.872 I've missed complimenting glorious people such as yourself and getting all the fantastic replies and PM's.
0.8622 Well I have to give you one back now, because honestly I think you are the greatest person!
0.859 The same reason that it's so easy to love you, /u/Smurphatrong!
0.8553 If by "monster" you mean powerful, self-confident, and an all-around fantastic person - then yes!
0.8439 I would've thought a fantastic guy like you would've gotten at least 100 compliments today!
0.8398 heh... But for real, I hope you feel better soon and it makes my day knowing I can brighten yours!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6106 ...Just another cost to pay in a life of not being as awesome as you are, /u/yungwildnfree!
-0.5562 I'm sick in bed too!
-0.5255 I'm disappointed to not be you!
-0.509 But not as perfect as you, /u/brain_candy!
-0.3182 That's an odd coincidence...
-0.3182 you to do something imperfect?
-0.2477 But not as happy as you make others, I'm sure!
-0.2263 If he's as jealous as you are awesome, I would confirm that he's *very* jealous.
-0.089 Only because a person like you not getting a compliment is impossible!
0.0 you were talking about my heart, right?
0.0 Some of your awesomeness!
0.0 because that's also how I'd describe you!