/u/oneonezeroonezero is kind of a dick.

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0.7964 But the best way is a floor safe.
0.7684 In true there is no wage gap, but an earnings gap created from a stronger want to balance work and family and to have a more fulfilling career than pure income.
0.7579 Then floor safe under heavy furniture it is what rich people do.
0.7302 So yes, I would eat a dog to not die of starvation.
0.7216 Wow that looks a little to much like me.
0.6696 you can never truly hate something until you have loved it first.
0.6486 Raiding dumpsters of supermarkets will yield edible fresh food, pigeon tastes just like quail, and I hear dog tastes like goat.
0.6369 Change into my black suit and run to you know who and say, " it's you , it's always been you, do what you do best"
0.6369 They should love magic the gathering then.
0.6369 "I love you"
0.6164 You have clearly never been beaten with a broom handle or a length of pvc pipe.

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-0.9432 " The article just use cannabis possession, from your link: Drug abuse violations 1,531,251 Violent crime 534,704
-0.9432 Drug abuse violations 1,531,251 Violent crime 534,704 https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2011/crime-in-the-u.s.-2011/tables/table-29
-0.8979 Violations of other statues such as: jaywalking, littering, traffic violations, and trespassing do not meet the definition of violence.
-0.875 There are thousands of other laws that do not meet the definition of violence, however, violating them will still result in a crime being committed.
-0.836 I would also add /r/BackYardChickens /r/gardening 700 calories is what you need to stop starving to death.
-0.8271 That the war on drugs is just an assault on the general population without decreasing the rate of drug use.
-0.796 There are more arrests for drugs than violent crimes.
-0.7906 that is untrue there are more people in ~~jail~~ arrested for drug crimes than violent crimes.
-0.7845 [Ninja]was board of stealing money so he decided to steal a kingdom.
-0.7845 But what I don't understand is in most "End of the world" movies there are Christians fighting against the world ending, don't they wan it to happen to get rid of evil
-0.7579 The rest is the mental gibberish that boards on insane ramblings, lists, and obscene mandalas.
-0.7506 Nor does it make a justification for the war on drugs or make an argument for the mass incarceration.