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0.8803 Okay, thanks :) I really like it and want to give the look a shot!
0.8777 Awesome, thanks for sharing that!
0.8748 Aww, your first dog ever looks like the best dog ever :) give him a pat for me!
0.8658 I don't know if anyone would be interested, but just in case :) it's easy and quick to make for gifts and such.
0.8176 That's neat, and thank you for your technique :)
0.8055 Also, if you like your dishes more flavorful I'd recommend adding more ancho chile/other spices to it than what's called for :)
0.802 :) That's hilarious to read, I like it quite a bit
0.8016 These are super cute!
0.7964 Sam and Fancy have a better love life than me
0.7904 It looks so good and healthy!
0.7717 It was perfect :)

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-0.4517 This is Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri in Sand Storm :) it's a nice neutral but I'm not quite in love with it.
-0.4295 I guess I should have mentioned I'm on a drugstore budget :p but I'll look around for a dupe!
-0.4215 They're slightly coarser than wheat noodles, but I suspect it's because I made them al dente.
-0.4023 http://innocentdelight.com/easy-shrimp-scampi-spaghetti/ Just as a heads up the recipe itself is not gluten free.
-0.3089 He used to do this even when it wasn't the holiday season.
-0.296 Not mine, unfortunately :( my life would be 200% improved if I had one though
-0.25 No worries :)
-0.2263 No problem :) https://imgur.com/FaD1rS7
-0.1779 I don't have lids that large so maybe it would look weird on smaller lids
-0.0572 I didn't want to look at it at first when I saw the thumbnail because it's too real.
0.0 I didn't know it could be that simple!
0.0 I think I get what you're saying!