/u/oceanwinter is very positive!

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0.8347 I think it's awesome that he/she goes with the more environmentally friendly material!
0.8016 You're super cute!
0.7964 Thanks for deciding to share, haha
0.7827 These go so fast so it's great to alert each other when new ones pop up!
0.7717 Any more examples that you find best fit into this category?
0.7712 Wish I had the points for that, it's perfect for fall!
0.7644 I feel like it's going to smell amazing!
0.7644 I'm sorry for your loss but glad to here you welcomed a new cat into your life!
0.7506 Alright, I'm going to wait until the 20th to subscribe because it seems like people have better results at the end of the month.
0.7269 I'm pretty pleased with their decision
0.7133 I do enjoy them but with only seven episodes I wish that scene was shorter!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8519 I'll be devastated if Bronn is dead
-0.6486 It might be too late unfortunately :(
-0.6476 No worries!
-0.5859 Poor Tyrion was shaking in his boots during that whole dialogue
-0.4767 Sad that I have to wait for the September bag to get it.
-0.3802 That does sound bizarre, I'll have to read further into it!
-0.3626 I think the items for that one were kinda lame
-0.3353 I really am naive towards 3D printing, especially about the different materials you can use
-0.3182 That was a bizarre twist.
-0.2516 I almost gagged
-0.1531 I miss I was your full bag twin...
-0.126 My products came up with the coding trick!