/u/obviouslypicard is kind of a dick.

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0.8765 Yeah, always "amusing" watching the downfall of a progressive nation. I know Heath Ledger was great as The Joker but that doesn't make him a great role model.
0.8225 No more can I turn the leaves of this dear book that I loved, and vainly hope in time to read it all.
0.8176 Have played almost an entire days worth and love it.
0.8016 The 3 people he lives with love it so clearly they represent everyone outside of the US.
0.7906 Pretty sure a guy like that has a gun in his truck he can easily grab.
0.7777 You must be amazing at parties!
0.7184 Using "mate" there seemed perfectly fine to me.
0.7012 They SAVE lives!!!
0.6908 blacklivesmatterTOO Words are important and making sure you are coming across in a clear and concise way goes a long way in that, otherwise you have...
0.6705 Go play un-ranked with your friends then.
0.6669 Can't forget the firemen. What an amazing class system you invented.

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-0.9078 I have no problem with people complaining but that doesn't mean I will respect people going overboard trying to ruin everyone's experience.
-0.8555 Just a scumbag who will find other ways of being a scumbag.
-0.8409 Attacking innocent people IS WRONG! Fucking coward.
-0.8225 For me it is brutal in any game where people have the ridiculously stupid heart boosts.
-0.802 Giles's, to search for contraband goods, and the mob fired on the musketeers, and the musketeers fired on the mob, and nobody thought any of these occurrences much out of the common way.
-0.7995 so-ho- then!" the near leader violently shook his head and everything upon it--like an unusually emphatic horse, denying that the coach could be got up the hill.
-0.7906 No problem, major dipshit.
-0.7783 For I'm a devil at a quick mistake, and when I make one it takes the form of Lead.
-0.7717 Loud mouths who spew shit deserve to have their games ruined too.
-0.7269 It is ridiculous that it is a 15 minute ban only.
-0.7251 " The emphatic horse, cut short by the whip in a most decided negative, made a decided scramble for it, and the three other horses followed suit.
-0.7184 And sadly the "we are the many" is quickly becoming a powerless statement.