/u/o-syv is kind of a dick.

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0.914 If what makes you happy is your friends feigning interest in a topic they don't give a shit about, you should change your life.
0.7906 He has a nice voice so you think he's the greatest person in Canada?
0.7783 Glad that you enjoyed the feeling of correcting someone's spelling on the internet though.
0.765 Wow, you both saw the same popular show.
0.7485 Your confidence despite having zero evidence really proves that it's not just bullshit made up by pussy Tumblr crybabies.
0.7096 Well they sure sound like rational people.
0.6908 Well, when your best friend is an animal who eats its own shit, yes, that's just stupidity.
0.6705 Don't feed it for 3 days and see how cute its smile is then.
0.6705 I'm glad you didn't get the police job, someone like you shouldn't have power over others.
0.6486 Some choice would be nice for those of us without cavernous pants, and who like to run sometimes without our phones snapping.
0.6436 If you really want to gain weight, eat more.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8834 BTW Jon Snow gets stabbed to death and Varys kills Pycelle.
-0.875 If you get that scared of noises in the woods, perhaps you and your gun should stay in the city before you kill someone.
-0.8387 Yeah because abortion is totally equivalent to murder or child abuse.
-0.8179 You're a brain damaged moron who will never be useful.
-0.8158 That's the fucking difference, you dumbass piece of shit.
-0.7906 Pathetic liar.
-0.7783 Nature is not a petting zoo you dumb fuck.
-0.7783 Shameless liar, and ignorant, too?
-0.7579 If you had no metabolism, you'd be dead.
-0.743 Alcoholics don't break into people's cars to steal change for another fix, and you don't get HIV from stepping on a broken bottle.
-0.7003 Do you drive a fast car to make up for being a lonely failure?
-0.6995 Sorry, your speeling is so bad I can't understnad what your triyng to say.