/u/nycflingster669 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8957 Love the smile and great username
0.891 Love your fresh out the shower one as well :)
0.875 Wow, they look like a perfect size
0.8176 Wow those are perfect.
0.7964 Love that shirt view is even better
0.7902 I feel so special they are gorgeous
0.7845 Love to help.
0.7818 You're so sexy and creative everyday of the week
0.7717 those are perfect :)
0.7717 Wow, looking good
0.7579 Love to entertain kik me at ddfan66

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.4939 What a moron.
-0.4588 Nipples begging to be sucked.
0.0 Sign me up!
0.0 We need more flubber
0.0 I can lend you my T-shirt
0.0 What a booty!
0.0 how do i get into Yoshi's spot?
0.0 Nipples looking so suckable.
0.0 Kik me at ddfan66
0.0 Kik at ddfan66
0.0 Simply gorgeous...and those lips!
0.0 Hello kitty