/u/nuala-lala is kind of a dick.

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0.8316 Oh, I thought the context made it clear: I meant strictly for fun times, you apparently knowing women's anatomy and physiology better than some women do.
0.8217 I'm pretty confident she wouldn't give a crap what you think.
0.7906 Looks pretty clean + well organized to me.
0.7783 I found Train to Busan poorly written, but love Fires on the Plain, The Men of Tohoku, The Wailing, and the Hole.
0.755 She was perfectly free to say it as often as she wanted, just not without criticism.
0.7311 Over time, yes, but depending on what the inspired oxygen is, (e.g.
0.7184 Except he's still a fugitive from justice, and both she and others ask for him to be forgiven, though perhaps not in those exact words.
0.7096 Why would anyone want credit with 100% interest?
0.6808 Nothing tastes as good as being a healthy weight feels.
0.6486 Not everybody likes what you like.
0.6369 That is both the reason I am here and what will drive me to leave. If you want to ask questions, great.

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-0.9334 I will not back down from calling what Polanski did rape, or that irrespective of what she felt/feels about it, it is a very serious crime for which he has been inadequately punished.
-0.9158 FFS people, it's right there in the article: 2 *MEN* charged with murder, the other 3 charged with obstruction.
-0.8979 I know you want someone to blame, but is there any evidence that the other employees knew about the extent of the physical abuse and lack of pay?
-0.8271 Again, you are correct; she can do and feel whatever she wants, but I can and will, , articulate my thoughts about the crime and the criminal who committed it.
-0.8126 It's annoying as fuck and you should stop doing it.
-0.802 I think what probably happened is that they were all there putting up with varying degrees of bullshit and terror for a paycheck, and could never imagine anyone doing it for free/a pittance.
-0.7968 Keep telling yourself that, you obnoxious little twat.
-0.7964 [Encephalitis] is more often than not treated before the definitive cause is identified, because to wait would cause unnecessary brain damage or death.
-0.7924 None of us would bat an eyelash if we didn't hear from her for a year or more, especially if she died but her junkie boyfriend neglected to tell anyone while keeping her phone account paid up.
-0.7845 Someone malingering with no fungal infection is going to look *manifestly* different than someone with slurred speech and ataxia from a brain infection that is about to kill him.
-0.7783 Too bad you're a liar in addition to being a pedo-apologist.
-0.7351 We're not idiots, we know how to fake out the fakers to test their gross neurological function.