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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9422 It dearly contains this butler's most loved stories from years past and he is glad a dear sir/madame has enjoyed the same.
0.936 This butler hopes this table is also welcome to some delectable delights, such as [this] for dear sirs and madames.
0.8934 Hope your adventures have been amazing. Ditto for this butler dear sir, ditto.
0.8932 This butler is truly impressed! This butler hopes to see more of nosleep's history unveiled by the dear historian.
0.888 In this humble butler's opinion, it is always best to be ready with both emotions, so as dear sir may be prepared for any *eventuality*.
0.875 And this butler hopes to return soon to feel your warm and greasy embrace--er *soothing*, yes, soothing embrace.
0.872 Gravy, this butler's heart has been warmed as well with this wonderful welcome.
0.8126 Well dear sir's horse neighs reached this butler from a very far flung dimension--must have some strong magical properties.
0.8126 It is this butler's pleasure as well dear sir/madame.
0.8074 He has always been a fan of dear madame's *adventures*, and it has been such an honor to compile them in the Index. Any new adventures this butler may have missed?
0.802 This butler hopes dear sir/madame have a nice day.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.8316 Title: [My neighbor is killing people who hurt me.
-0.6901 Title: [Some the the most horrific stories are pulled from our daily lives] Author: [deleted]
-0.34 Is this what dear sir/madame is looking for: Series: "This is why I am terrified of lightning" by /u/RestStopWarrior
-0.3182 No problem dear sir/madame.
-0.296 What has this butler missed?
-0.296 Dooby, this butler has missed you.
-0.2732 Perhaps this butler will drop by one of these days.
-0.2732 But alas, Mr.
-0.1779 Tim, This butler has likewise missed the bacon--oh rather, *you*, yes, you, he has missed you very much so.
0.0 This butler has a lot of catching up to do with your [Case Files series].
0.0 Ah, this butler shall get right on the story.
0.0 *butler wink*