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0.942 ;) It makes me feel so wonderful when incredible GWA ladies like you enjoy my content, so thank you for listening!
0.9186 I'm delighted you liked that *smiles* and I'm happy you enjoy my voice.
0.8718 Now I need to listen to all of your audios ;) Merry Christmas doll, and the Happiest of New Years to you!
0.8689 I've been pretty stressed this holiday season and your amazing voice put the biggest smile on my face.
0.8622 Welcome back and Happy Holidays!
0.8519 Happy Holidays :)
0.836 I'm happy you enjoyed it ;)
0.7906 Hehe I hope you enjoy your time outside of the lurker cave ;)
0.7845 Your voice is super cute.
0.7845 You sound super cute.
0.784 I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5667 It's not that I don't get excited I just don't take care of it every time it happens.
-0.4391 I'm so sorry for your loss.
-0.1531 Near the end when you were swapping your focus between the lyrics and your whimpers and moans was so incredibly erotic and sexy..
-0.1501 Aww never apologize for being you!
0.0 Oooh hi you.
0.0 I was actually just reading a bit of Rothfuss and thinking about doing your questionnaire.
0.0 This is exactly what I needed..
0.0 and when you called me a Filthy Animal..
0.0 I'm probably one of the least horny.
0.0 I only get off once or twice a week, sometimes less..
0.2263 I look forward to your contributions ;)
0.3612 Thank you Melt.