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0.8899 Very creative, and super pretty.
0.8885 It's SUCH a great feeling finding someone who just gets you, and who you like and think is sexy.
0.8779 Part of the excitement is the novelty, and once the novelty is gone, the quality of the sex depends on factors like true sexual compatibility, integrity of the relationship, and other things.
0.8765 I've been wondering whether to take the plunge since it's kind of pricey, but my nails could use some strengthening, especially since they just want to peel all the time from frequent hand washing.
0.875 I think that rocking gorgeous nails gives an extra boost of confidence.
0.836 I'm using the opportunity to take good care of my cuticles and nails with frequent moisturizing, though.
0.8122 Those looks super pretty!
0.7955 So lovely, and such clean cuticle lines!
0.7906 Lol, I love the idea of using your dog as the background.
0.7845 Wow, who are all of those douchebags who claim to be your sister's friends?
0.7777 Since it's clear, I can actually see all of the polishes in there, and it's super portable!

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-0.8885 Lately, though, all I feel is irritation and anger at them when I am out in public, grocery shopping or whatever, and I feel bad about it.
-0.743 I think those comments your doctor made to you are unprofessional and offensive.
-0.6908 I'm sorry they're hurting her so much, and hurting you, too.
-0.6124 This person is just being flat out, unapologetically racist.
-0.5994 I mean, they are people, even if lots of them act in rude and insensitive ways.
-0.5983 Holy shit, when did that happen?!
-0.5859 Those comments are cruel.
-0.5562 I feel your pain, sister!
-0.5413 It's really insulting to the professionals they equate themselves with just because moms and say, teachers, happen to perform some of the same duties.
-0.4767 Although your sex isn't how it initially was, it doesn't necessarily mean there is something wrong.
-0.4404 Replace "white" with any minority word of your choosing, and watch them freak out.
-0.4199 I know it sucks!