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0.874 Captivate means "attract and hold the interest and attention of", so yeah, he was literally captivated by her.
0.7506 He didn't walk into the truck, they met in the middle, like a beautiful compromise of inattention.
0.5859 None of these interactions allow spanking, and these are relationships adults enter into freely.
0.5719 I have no idea what it's like to live in fear of suicide bombers, but I sympathize with those who do and if I comment on it, I hope my words give them some small amount of support.
0.555 We certainly shouldn't enter into conflicts just to keep them busy.
0.5504 It's been over 10 years, and I can think about him without crying, but I can't think about the sound my mom made without losing it.
0.5454 "Inspired by true events" is my least favorite prelude to a movie.
0.5267 The inspiration is normally the flimsiest of connections, making the whole statement completely unnecessary.
0.5261 If just once that guy showed up with beer and pizza, admitted he didn't pay attention in class and needs to be carried, I'd help.
0.5023 I used to have one of these, but she never got her white winter coat like Nibbler here.
0.4939 Amateur film makers can put out some pretty decent movies too.

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-0.9399 I just called both sides evil, and American sanctions the less of two evils, so I'm not sure what the hell *you're* talking about.
-0.936 Asthma attacks as a result of an irritant in the lungs , and while attacks are worse if stressed, anxiety does not trigger them.
-0.8658 One kid killed his stepfather and mother after years and years of sexual abuse.
-0.8555 The death penalty is ridiculous.
-0.8442 The lesser of two evils is still evil.
-0.8356 When your house is so ill kept that you left a 5-year old get materials to burn the sucker down, it's not rational to blame anyone but yourself. Edit: Shitty grammar.
-0.8225 I think their point was if you have asthma and stuck in an elevator without any medication, maybe that cigarette is a bad idea and maybe it's contributing to your subsequent asthma attack.
-0.8126 Shit, we had men in the '50s, put that "inspired" stamp on it and make money off of bullshit sentiment.
-0.7684 My parents spanked me, but the only time that ever stuck with me was the one time they spanked before I even knew I did something wrong.
-0.765 This is not to condone or cheapen the death of 500,000 children as I think the US has made some major mistakes during this conflict as well.
-0.743 If you're pulling him from the street, why not pull him out first, explain what he did wrong, and then apply punishment?
-0.7096 It's only a misdemeanor at this point, but it's still illegal.