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0.9398 Right now it's just an egg, but if you wait long enough you'll get a nice treat that's been hiding away. I just happen to like a lot of juices fresh haha.
0.9124 Been wanting a DNA 40 despite all the issues that are being mentioned all the time and having a good amount of juice is always the best feeling in the world :D 6mg
0.8798 Thanks a lot for this, happy holidays!
0.8777 Congratulations and good luck!
0.8478 Astro 6mg Thanks for the giveaway! Pretty nice shop in Nanuet, one of the closest ones to where I live about 25 or 30 minutes away.
0.8397 Rothfuss is great though, I actually picked up the series on a whim hearing nothing about it and then couldn't stop until I read both books haha.
0.837 The smell alone is probably one of favorite benefits of vaping :D my clothes too!
0.836 DB is pretty fantastic as well, anyone try any of their tea flavors?
0.8286 It's delicious and I've got 250mls of it :D
0.8122 Would definitely like to try lushington in 6mg. Thanks for this!
0.8074 That's actually pretty awesome.

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-0.5719 I still smoke, I hate bananas foster, I wear decorative toe socks around my dorm.
-0.4201 So you can just kind of spam it while facing the balcony as you fall.
-0.3818 I can't do it anymore, I'm either staying or abandoning.
-0.3612 Theres a fancy new spam blocker that makes it completely readable
-0.3595 And no wrists showing!
-0.34 Unfortunately however, I don't read as much as I could be doing.
-0.3328 Things get a little scary though if I start to run very low on juice D:
-0.296 I can't put it down, it's unreal and no issues with wicking or anything with max vg juice.
-0.2732 Actually, I'll probably drop by tomorrow for some juice.
-0.2732 I just picked up the lemo drop today at a local store and I haven't thrown my plume veil back on my mech at all since I got it.
-0.2382 Definitely needs to sit for a while, but I'm too impatient.
-0.1655 It's a trap that does nothing but consume your soul.