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0.8519 *A genuine smile comes across Leonore's lips as she nods.* "Indeed; his divine hand guides us all.
0.8442 *This girl's enthusiasm certainly wasn't subdued, that much was for certain.* "May I ask, how many times hath thee been successful in thy mission?
0.8268 [If] it's any consolation, you'll make an excellent stepping stone on the path of hope to triumph over despair!
0.8126 Letting his light shine through me is the greatest honor that I can imagine."
0.8073 In which case, yes, I would have to say that I do!" *Seeming almost proud of herself, Leonore grinned at Kokoro as she reached her conclusion.*
0.8016 [But] it was all in the name of seeing whose hope would shine the brightest!
0.7845 *Leonore glanced down with a simple smile at the shorter girl, whose outfit suited their new surroundings almost a bit too well.* "'Tis a knight's duty to protect the people and serve with grace.
0.7783 *With a nod of recognition , Leonore smiled at the shorter woman before her.* "'Twould be much appreciated, my lady.
0.7717 Please, treat me as thee would treat any other classmate of ours."
0.7579 If I can be a comforting symbol to somebody, then I can rest knowing that I hath been successful in upholding my vows."
0.743 After a moment though she put on a confident grin and crossed a fist over her heart.* "Indeed, an astute observation.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8519 [Or] perhaps he suffered an unfortunate accident when you came into the room.
-0.7184 I fear no punishment which such cretins could be capable of administering."
-0.6597 Admitting that I had fallen asleep much like the rest of you low ranks would have been...most regrettable.
-0.6476 This is the final warning I shall offer to thee: cease this tomfoolery at once, or be prepared to suffer the consequences!"
-0.6476 I meant thee no disrespect before!
-0.636 With a grunt of frustration, Leonore reached to her hip and drew her own rapier from its slender sheath, pointing it across at the unsettling mascot.* "Do not take me for a woman of no action!
-0.6336 Make no mistake, however; I shan't hesitate to cut down mine enemies when the time doth come."
-0.6105 *Whatever this...-thing- was, it possessed a highly infuriating quality that only made Leonore grit her teeth harder with every word that it spoke.* "Enough!
-0.5502 *Wait...what?* "T-teacher?!" *Leonore was aghast at this revelation.
-0.5413 I merely sat and took in the show, though I do remember hearing someone snoring during that time quite rudely. [And] breakfast was rather simple.
-0.54 What kind of fool did it take her for?!
-0.4939 [Naturally,] I suspected that it was a trap of some sort, so I didn't intend to take him up on it.