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0.8608 He is popular because he says things clearly, but his ideas are easily deconstructed by any candidate. He is popular, but not as much as we perceive on internet, not national-wide as Lula.
0.8398 All glory to Best Korea!
0.824 Best Korea voted YES.
0.7695 Actually, USA just wants to bring democracy to North Korea and to establish peace for the world, but Kim Jung Un doesnt want that peace.
0.765 They still talk shit in the name of Adam Smith and don't know what the "invisible hand" is, but they love Adam Smith.
0.743 Thank god his party is smaller than ancaps' brains so he's not going to be elected.
0.7269 Tbf, he's a pretty good rapper.
0.7086 Not the only one, but the most impressive.
0.7003 Yeah it seems like someone who doesn't know a thing about Marxism-Leninism wants to create a image of "ultra-left-neckbeard".
0.7003 *United States of America They like to forget that there are other countries in America, especially those in Latin America a.k.a Best America
0.6705 Pretty fair.

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-0.885 Pop is Dead worst Radiohead song???????????
-0.8137 The only country that *does* have self respect to tell the USA to go fuck itself is Cuba, a poor and little island doomed with an embargo.
-0.7227 The USSR was a superpower that tried to stop this, but failed.
-0.6705 Actually he killed a zigabillion batteries
-0.6249 Worst Korea abstained.
-0.5859 Rage comics and neoliberalism are both huge mistakes after 2008
-0.575 Its not because I drink Coke that I dont want Coca-Cola to fuck off.
-0.5423 Why exactly Donald Trump said that US would have to destroy NK?
-0.5423 Whoever told you that is your enemy
-0.5267 Also he is using a disgusting font in the beginning of the video
-0.5254 Well, maybe nuking the USA wouldn't be so bad after all.