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0.9245 wow i love this, awesome job!
0.9195 Great job, I especially love her hand
0.9136 Such a great story, thanks for sharing <3
0.9131 some of these are unbelievably cool, thanks for sharing and the others are awesome too
0.8955 I love the drawing, and also love the way it is presented, the light from the picture works really well.
0.8832 These are awesome, good luck!
0.8481 Wizard is always a lot of fun, good luck
0.8402 Wow, that's incredible, love it.
0.8398 Fantastic, great job!
0.8172 Amazing, congrats to Zoast!
0.8074 I agree that sokoban becomes annoying when you have to traverse it over and over, but I also like that skipping it can provide a nice challenge for experienced players.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8816 There were so many frustrating deaths it's hard to pick just one, but yea most of the terrible ones came on the satan fight.
-0.8271 I am hoping to go no damage with either Judas or Cain next. I try to kill her when the foot is down because it is hard to tell where the foot is when it is up.
-0.7783 I think the puke green is sadder than the black...
-0.7131 I have only gotten all the way through Isaac taking no damage with 2 characters, none through ???
-0.6808 For instance, I would avoid picking up guardian angel because i think it decreases your chance of getting deals with the devil.
-0.6434 Even if we're not always visible, please know there are a lot of us who feel the behavior you describe is totally unacceptable, and stand with you 100%.
-0.5704 yea I think it should be doable but quite difficult.
-0.5574 part of me died inside
-0.4019 I was also thinking people might be interested in some shorter videos explaining in depth strats for taking no damage for each floor.
-0.374 Make sure you are on the right alter before you sacrifice, we don't want you escaping in celestial disgrace!
-0.296 I didn't show it but i just kept going back and forth until i died cause I liked it so much
-0.2732 I don't think it's that low