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0.92 Hehe thanks for being an admirer :) you have a great body!
0.8955 Aww im glad to be one of your favorites :) Hopefully I can return soon!
0.8945 I am very honored to join the list with all the beautiful girls Here is my celebratory post!
0.8934 I try my best to make my poses look nice cause if I was a guy I would want sexy poses to look at hehe
0.8868 I'm pretty sure I was on his nice list :P
0.8687 Hehe thanks Tea I hope you have a wonderful winter break!
0.8666 Ready to be shipped tomorrow Size Small - PINK - Boyshorts $40 FREE Gift wraping available!
0.861 [SOLD!]This thong is absolutely adorable I am so in love with the color and how soft they are!
0.8384 Yeah it's a really pretty color :)
0.8327 Message me if you are interested Size Small - VS PINK - Extra low rise thong FREE Gift wraping available!
0.8316 I'm glad I made it to your nice list :)

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-0.6666 * $50 - 1 Year subscription * $15 - 1 Month subscription. **Rules:** Snaps cannot be screenshot, anyone caught doing so will be banned and no refund will be given.
-0.5848 Too bad there isn't a double upvote button!
-0.4199 Sorry no face!
-0.3818 Sorry for the delay I was patiently waiting for this outfit to come in the mail.
-0.3612 Sorry no face.
-0.296 What's missing?
-0.2232 Why not self-gift yourself something you really want These panties are my go to panties when I'm not feeling like wearing a thong.
-0.1689 Most cases where time does run out and we are not done yet they will add more time and pay.
0.0 If anyone wants to buy panties I might start selling them again send me an email at netflixandchillme@gmail.com
0.0 Not much really..
0.0 not anytime soon.
0.0 You wash my back and I'll wash yours?