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0.9136 Feel free to message me if you have any questions, I'm happy to help :)
0.9002 You could spend hours and hours there and not get bored. * I would recommend doing some trekking and white water rafting in Chiang Mai - both were great fun!
0.8779 Treat everyone you meet as though they were your best friend.
0.8713 I'll try to get to see if I can make it to Koh Kong, because that sounds amazing! And I would absolutely love to get in touch with them!
0.8225 The food was also excellent. * I loved my time in Koh Rong - it's an island off the coast of Sihanoukville which consists solely of beach and shops.
0.8204 By and large they were all really lovely and friendly.
0.8016 I'm a medical student from New Zealand, and I'd definitely love to go and visit/help out on medical camps for a bit if possible!
0.7964 It makes you feel happier and people really notice and respond to it - I've had several other people comment about how happy I seem and how it lifts their spirits too.
0.7845 Definitely the best life decision I made.
0.7506 Right as we were wrapping up for lunch, a lady beckoned me over and when I came over she said "I just wanted to say you have such a beautiful smile.
0.75 Thank you for your fantastic response!

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-0.765 Avoid gossiping and talking ill about people.
-0.6808 No roads, no cars, no nothing.
-0.5994 One of the girls drowned as the other one watched.
-0.5251 People who don't know something but then seem somehow proud of their ignorance and don't make any attempt to actually learn it really frustrates me.
-0.5037 I'm a bit hesitant to rent a motorbike since I've never ridden one before and I hear the roads there aren't exactly the safest in the world.
-0.4019 I've been known to jump, scream and run away if I see one.
-0.3612 Prideful ignorance.
-0.296 I live in NZ so we're meant to pronounce it "roth" as per the British pronunciation but the American "rath" pronunciation is a lot more common so I'd just feel like a dick pronouncing it otherwise.
-0.2023 To me, it would feel rude to not at least offer to share my food, in almost any circumstance.
-0.128 Look around - it's really making everyone else here happy." It meant so much to me in context because it feels like such a hopeless job at times.
0.0 *None* of our body parts would work individually without being part of an interconnected body system.
0.0 This was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for.