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0.9117 this is flawless and i love it i will be trying to recreate this for daaaaaays i mean wow!
0.8966 smooth beautiful skin and such pretty lipstick and eyeshadow colors just everything so good
0.8954 I know that's pretty minor but I'M SO HAPPY
0.8824 We were both super busy that day, but yesterday we spent the whole day in the city and ate lunch at this great buffet.
0.8779 Before eating, we agreed to not judge each other, and then just went to town on that amazing food. Yessssssssss. I love him so much.
0.872 So far all I've really got is a bit of cooking, I don't really know what to do but I want it to be fun :)
0.8479 My boyfriend of 9 months is just absolutely perfect for me and I love him so much.
0.841 Nothing's actually happened, we're just both so happy :)
0.8208 If the sizing works, great -- only concern is the slightly boxy high top might not flatter you as well, so just check the measurements so it's not loose in the wrong places :)
0.8176 I'll definitely try the picnic, we have some nice open at the school :)
0.784 Awesome, thank you!

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-0.6808 But yes, you do have resting bitch face bad.
-0.6467 Today, they lightly grazed! For a scale victory, I am officially no longer overweight!
-0.5994 Bullying in school systems can be classified in this way, and is prohibited.
-0.5719 This line is what would need to be defined. The problem with drawing such a line is where we'd define legitimate offense as beginning and ending.
-0.5707 I will finally get to see my boyfriend again after a stupid long summer break on Tuesday!
-0.5379 For example, the cartoons drawn by Charlie Hebdo are not well-thought arguments; instead, they ridicule Islam, but an argument against the religion is a different matter.
-0.5214 I can entirely see where a group would be so upset about such depictions of their religion.
-0.4753 Evolution is wrong!" This is scientifically testable and is also disprovable as evolution is obviously not a direct physical force like gravity or friction, but does that mean we reject evolution?
-0.4404 Muslims are not the only group to do so, and blasphemy is condemned in most religions.
-0.4019 I've had trouble in the past without brushes...
-0.34 They literally thought I'd get along better with dead people than live people.
-0.296 Do you think that antibiotics will eventually become obsolete entirely?