/u/neo_techni is kind of a dick.

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0.7184 Google helping a homophobe win an election?
0.6369 Freedom from the cost of the ESRB and the censorship they sometimes cause.
0.6124 Her role was significant enough that it inspired Whoopi Goldberg to get into acting, and so many women into the sciences that it was called "The Uhura effect".
0.5994 Most of the games are ready to play after a few seconds.
0.5106 Gawker has gone after honest people just the same
0.4939 That's one handsome dude Signed: a lesbian
0.4939 And that inspired LRG
0.4927 Very good point
0.4902 So still better than American news then.
0.4767 They cut another avenue for freedom
0.4404 The funny thing is, Vita did the same thing.

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-0.875 Especially since when Sisko went through his SJW phase, she told him it was idiotic to boycott a holodeck program because it took place in a time period where racism against blacks existed.
-0.8074 He whined that the holodeck program took place in an era where he wouldn't be allowed in the establishment, while simultaneously admitting the program ignored the racism
-0.7332 Revenge is not justice.
-0.7184 You're arguing for the sake of arguing.
-0.7003 It's as chilling as those studies that show 1/3 to 1/2 of muslims approve of terrorist tactics.
-0.6908 But muslims who actually kill people in Germany just get community service
-0.6808 Everything I've read about it says it sucks worse than After Earth
-0.6786 Funny how iraq does more to fight Islamic terrorism
-0.6486 No one was crying.
-0.6249 I've heard people say it was cause Avery was an activist, that he wanted the show to deal with racism more head on.
-0.6249 And locking beards behind a paywall is retarded with a hard R
-0.6114 Doctors hate him!